Broaching of Serration

With the Schwanog PWP broaching system, serrations and grooves (keyways) can be manufactured in one operation on CNC lathes. The lathe requires a C-axis and high pressure coolant is recommendable.

It is fact that the conventional machining of serrations on turned parts requires a separate process either while milling or broaching.

Before either of these finishing processes can take place the parts generally must go through a costly cleaning process. With Schwanog’s broaching tool for serrations, manufacturer of serrated turned parts i.e. according to DIN 5480, 5481 or 5482 are able to use a completely new approach to machine these parts. I.e. the machining of a serrated part made from 1045 steel is achieved on a conventional lathe in a single operation, in just 7 seconds, eliminating the cleaning, handling, planning and controlling process.

  • Significant reduction in setup costs
  • Substantial reduction of part cycle time due to faster production cycles
  • Entire part manufactured in a single process
  • Elimination of post machining process
  • Individual tool solution based on your specific application

Broaching of Serration

Tip holder type:

  • Round shaft
  • Square or rectangle shaft
  • Special and heavy metal holders available upon request