Form Drilling

Schwanog also offers you full know-how for drilling applications:
Whether you need insertable form drills or solid carbide drills, we always create the perfect tool solution for you with maximum efficiency and precision.

Insertable form drills

With its insertable form drilling system, Schwanog is offering an equally efficient and cost-saving solution, due to the fact that only the insertable carbide tool is ground and not the entire solid carbide drill.

With the insertable form drill which is individually ground according to a customer drawing a minimum tolerance of ≥ ± 0.02 mm can be achieved. To complement the PWP System, the PWP-D-System was added to our line of products which offers wider inserts, achieving drill diameter up to 28mm. The Schwanog form drill system can be applied to any lathe, milling and drilling center.

The strength of the Schwanog system is also particularly evident when it comes to tool trials as inserts are available in varies carbide grades. The otherwise usual separate setting of the tool, after tool changeover is completely eliminated and makes such test phases much more efficient.

  • Two systems with different insert widths
  • Insertable drill inserts for bore sizes up to 28mm in diameter
  • For use on any lathes, milling and drilling centers
  • Repeatability < 0.02mm
  • Can also be used as form milling cutter

PWP System

Form drilling with PWP insertable form tools. The Schwanog PWP form drill system consists of a round shaft holder and an insertable tool which is ground according to customer drawing.

Tip holder type:

  • Round shaft
  • Special and heavy metal holders available upon request
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PWP-D System

The PWP-D system complements the PWP system and due to the wider insertable tool can achieve bore diameters of up to 28 mm. Schwanog form drill systems can be used on all type of lathes, milling and drilling centers.

Tip holder type:

  • Whith round shaft holder
  • Special and heavy metal holders available upon request
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