Polygon Turning

Schwanog polygon cutters are available for all common machine types and polygon turning attachments and are considered stock items. As with all other Schwanog systems the polygon system is designed to use insertable tools as well.

When it comes to turned parts, particularly in the fittings and hydraulics industry, machining of flats is a time consuming process.

This time factor is associated with a huge expense. Specializing in insertable form tool systems, Schwanog has designed an impressive solution which drastically reduces costs. Using the Schwanog polygon system, flats can be produced directly on the lathe using the polygon process and eliminating the time-consuming milling process.

  • The flats are produced directly on the lathe in a single process
  • The time consuming changeover from lathe to mill is eliminated
  • Polygon turning is noticeable quicker than milling
  • Integrated production on a single machine increases process reliability
  • Schwanog polygon system cuts costs drastically

Polygon Turning

Polygon cutter body:

  • For diameter mount
  • For taper mount
  • Special and heavy metal holders available upon request