Shave tools

Shaving can be applied on all multispindle automatic lathes.

Schwanog shave tools are available in solid carbide designs for smaller capacity multiple- spindle lathes. Our dovetail forms and sizes are designed to accommodate for all common shave tool holders on the market. For larger capacity multiple-spindle lathes we apply our proven PWP and PWP-B systems.

The Schwanog shave tools are available in cutting widths up to 50 mm. The stabilization of the turned part is carried out systems pecifically by counter rollers or counter guidances. The pitch errors of the spindle drum which occur on multispindle automatic lathes are balanced by the shave tool holder. The Schwanog tool holders are tuned exactly to all common shave tool holders currently on the market and thus provide impressive process reliability. The Schwanog system obtains highest productivity with quick interchangeable (insertable) form tools, without having to readjust the holder.

  • Shave tools for cutting widths up to 50 mm
  • Shave tools specifically for multispindle automatic lathes
  • Superior surface finishes due to low cutting pressure
  • Significant tighter tolerances can be achieved
  • Part must be rough-cut prior to the shaving process

PWP System

Tip holder type:

  • Dovetail
  • Tornos Dovetail (AWN 20)
  • Special and heavy metal holders available upon request
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