Skiving is a specialized application in the manufacture of precision turned parts and can be applied on all multi-spindle automatic and CNC lathes.

Wherever particularly tight tolerances and highest surface finish quality are required, the new Schwanog skiving system offers superior benefits. The skiving application is similar to the shaving application but does without counter rollers or counter guidance and thus can be used on all single-spindle, multi-spindle and CNC lathes.

Due to space limitation a shave tool holder cannot be applied to these machines. Skiving on the other hand does without counter rollers and counter guidances and is therefore predestined for these applications because of its compact design. Schwanog skiving tools are also available in cutting widths up to 50 mm. The major advantage of the skiving process is that the cutting edge is only selectively in use during feeding, leading to a lower cutting pressure, and thus to visibly superior surface finishes and achieving considerable tighter tolerances when compared to the grooving (plunge-cutting) process. The quick tool changeover of the insertable tools paired with high repeatability is the basis for a significant reduction of the part costs, a reduction which often amounts into double figures.

  • Skiving tools for cutting widths up to 50 mm
  • Skiving tools for use on single spindle, multi-spindle and CNC lathes
  • Superior surface finishes due to low cutting pressure
  • Significant tighter tolerances can be achieved
  • Part must be rough-cut prior to the shaving process


Tip holder type:

  • Also available with diametrical and parallelisms adjustment
  • Square or rectangular shaft
  • Dovetail holder
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