Relocation of the STAMA milling center to a new 400m² production hall in VS-Obereschach.

Schwanog holds a stake in UBR s.r.l. after the signing of the contract on September 26th in Gussago / Brescia.

Relocation of Schwanog USA to new premises in Elgin, Illinois.

Start of production in China and relocation of company to Kunshan.

Set-up optimization of the milling and turning centers with the latest simulation software and associated objective of an integrative manufacturing 4.0

Schwanog France has moved. The new company location is in Marnaz, France.

In deep sadness, we say goodbye to our senior partner Siegfried Güntert.

Move and opening of the new logistic center, as well as the EDM production plant with new robot technology (cell management)

Foundation of the sales office in China. Purchase of first Haas grinding machine with robot technology at headquarters in Obereschach.

Start of production in France

Move of SCHWANOG LLC to Elgin, Illinois. Opening of the new administration building and technology center in Obereschach.

Move of SCHWANOG LLC to Elgin, Illinois. Opening of the new administration building and technology center in Obereschach.

Start of production in the USA. Start with construction of new administration building and technology center in Obereschach.

Foundation of the sales office in France.

Purchase of the first Haas 5-axis CNC grinding machine

Foundation of the sales office in the USA. Purchase of the first STAMA machine at the headquarters in Obereschach.

Focus on tool production

Clemens Güntert joins SCHWANOG Siegfried Güntert as sales manager for carbide tools. Sale of the measuring device product line to the company Premega

Partition of the SCHWANOG into two companies. Founding of Güntert Präzisionstechnik GmbH & Co., Berliner Strasse 1, Villingen -Schwenningen with the product lines of ready-to-install, axial-symmetrical, cylindrically ground precision parts and assembled components. Continuation and reorganization of SCHWANOG Siegfried Güntert GmbH, Niedereschacher Strasse 36, Villingen-Schwenningen, district Obereschach with the product lines of carbide tools, measuring devices and mechanical engineered products.

Entry into EDM technology, implementation of first Agie machine and CAD.

Acquisition of the production building in Obereschach consolidating the three new product groups (mechanical engineering, measuring devices and carbide tools).

Development of the first PWP insertable tooling system

Installation of the first form grinding machine PeTeWe

Launch of the tool grinding shop for form tools

Death of Oscar Güntert

Start of production of mechanical measuring devices for the turned part industry. With this addition we totaled in the meanwhile three new product groups: mechanical engineering, measuring technology and carbide tools.

Incorporation of the new administrative building into the existing workshop. Until then, administration and shipping were accommodated in Oscar Güntert’s house.

Relocation into the new building. In the middle of 60's production was shifted to precision turned parts.

Entrance of Siegfried Güntert into SCHWANOG Schwarzwälder Normteile GmbH (until then, standard parts were only bought and sold).

Foundation of SCHWANOG SCHWArzwälder NOrmteile GmbH by Oscar Güntert. In the first few years, standard parts were manufactured in accordance to German (DIN) standards, and thereafter Black Forest Christmas tree decorations, knitting needles, hairpins, curlers and lighter components were produced.