• Significantly faster changeover times of insertable tools compared to HSS tools
  • Substantial higher speeds and feeds due to the use of carbide
  • Significant part cycle time and unit cost reduction
  • Up to 20 times longer tool life
  • Reduction of tool holder costs through use of a second tool position


Some older generations of machines may still have circular tool holder supports which generally use tools made from HSS. These tools can be re-sharpened often, but leave much to be desired in terms of tool life and handling. These tools contain no side clearances so that they can be re-sharpened. The part surfaces are rubbing against the circular tool, which leads to additional reduction of tool life.

The Schwanog technical team has addressed this challenge and developed a solution that enables the Schwanog insertable tooling system to be used on circular tool holders supports.

The form tool can be changed much more quickly. Machine downtime is reduced. By using the optimum carbide grade and, if necessary, a coating, much higher cutting speeds and feeds can be achieved, leading to a significant part cycle time reduction.

The use of carbide compared to HSS tools and the possible side clearances provide up to 20 times longer tool life. Depending on space availability, the holder costs are reduced by applying a second tool position that can be used after the first has worn out.

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