Complete tool layout from Schwanog

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Tool layout steel
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Tool layout steel
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At the request of many customers we have expanded our range of services and also offering the possibility of a complete tool layout service for turned parts on single and multi-spindle lathes for grooving, turning and drilling operations.

Customers wishing to expand their range of parts or are entering new terrain, in so far undeveloped areas of application can profit in particular from our tool layout service. To carry this out, we require the part drawing as well as information about the technical requirements such as material to be cut, machine make and model, holder type and size.

One or two days after reply, you will receive the complete process description of the tool layout along with sketch as well as a detailed quotation for the Schwanog tools quoted. After order placement a concluding CAD drawing for each tool will be established and forwarded to you for each tool to complete this service package.

Use this service which noticeably relieves you of the burden!